/ Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

E-commerce Process

• Vendor shall complete supplier registration form at PCM (product content manager)
• Vendor complete the PCM products data entry at www.pcm.dababonline.com
• DababOnline.com will revise the data entry before inclusion at website.


Product List: agreed product list generated by PCM are the primary agreed list of products between DababOnline.com and the vendor and considered as part of this agreement.

Representations and Warranties

Vendor represents and warrants that:

1-It has the power to authorize the sale and/or display of its products on-line and as part of the website DababOnline.com e-Commerce business.

2-All product’s information, data, images, and/or intellectual properties provided by the Vendor to DababOnline.com website for its E-Commerce business shall:

a) Complies with all applicable laws.
b) Be accurate and all claims contained therein have been substantiated.
c) Have been cleared for the intended use contemplated hereunder.

3-It has secured any clearances, permissions, approvals, authorizations, rights and licenses necessary for the use or display of all Vendor product information, data, images, and/or intellectual properties provided to DababOnline.com website as part of its E-Commerce business.


Vendor grants to DababOnline.com website the non-exclusive, royalty-free right. In addition, vendor authorizes DababOnline.com website to use and display any product information, specifications, warranty information, data, images, and/or intellectual properties for use in its E-Commerce Business during the Term of this Agreement (“Vendor Content”).

DababOnline.com website may use Vendor Content for any purpose related to its E-Commerce business or in furtherance of promoting Vendor’s products, including use in DababOnline.com websites, emails, and marketing or advertising campaigns.

Vendor acknowledges that DababOnline.com website is relying upon Vendor to ensure that all Vendor Content is accurate and complete . Upon discovery that the Vendor Content is inaccurate or incomplete Vendor agrees to notify DababOnline.com website. The vendor should also revise and resubmit Vendor Content prompetly .

A. DababOnline.com website agrees that it will not make modifications or alterations to Vendor Content without Vendor’s prior written approval.

B. Except for the limited license granted to DababOnline.com website herein , Vendor retains all right, title, and interest to Vendor Content.